I have been in the world of design for more than 10 years and I see no better way to experience it than letting the wind take you towards new challenges, new ways of designing and new ways of creating.

For many years I was only involved in graphic design projects, but then a gust of wind blew me into the world of motion graphics. I trained in a master's degree just for this, creating 2D/3D motion. Once I finished my studies I became interested in UX/UI design and it was then when I discovered that I was passionate about the union that I could create between motion and UX/UI. Since then I've been fully dedicated to these two areas, creating motion graphics, UX/UI and in projects where I can combine both disciplines.

I find my motivation for what I do day by day in every job I do. I love my work, I enjoy doing it and that's my mantra that I carry with me in every project I do.


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